Demos #2

by Joe Holt

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So Far Gone 03:14
I remember the morning you first looked at me With springtime sunshine in your smile But the closer we became, the more I sapped it away Eating up your image like a hungry child But how can you ask me to do this on my own When before you all I ever did was fail? How can you ask me to leave you alone Like a ship leaving port without a sail? I'm so far gone But I'm holding on In my mind you were begging me on bended knee, "Darling, stay by my side" So I did as you requested and walked close behind But you grew more distant with every stride How can you expect me to forget who you are When so much of you inspired parts of me? How can you ask me to crawl away and hide While you figure out who you want to be? I'm so far gone But I'm holding on How can you ask me to close my eyes to you And leave behind the sunlight for the shade? How can you ask me to run away When without you I am naked and afraid? I'm so far gone But I'm holding on
Empty 04:14
There's a girl I used to know Who promised that my troubles wouldn't hurt me All she wanted was my happiness And as long as I was truthful, she'd never desert me I have a journal with her name jotted down But couldn't tell you if you begged me All that's left of her is scattered through my mind Mismatched images and sentences she said She said, "Open up to me If you let me in I'll and help you" So she cracked me open and looked inside But I am empty A few years later, I was slipping And as I fell, arms wrapped around me She raised me up and held me close It seemed my saviour had finally found me She said, "Close your eyes And let me fill whatever's missing" Well darling, look at me and tell me why I am empty I looked in a mirror but saw nothing inside I guess I've always been a frame Everything I've outlined has run away or died When I cried out for company, only emptiness came I met a girl last night We spoke in whispers til the bar closed As we were leaving, she asked my name Pleased to meet you, I am empty
Break Away 04:35
Two loves I have are comfort and despair Stitched together like the threads of what I wear If removed they would unravel me; mangle and maim Until there's nothing left but memory and air The names I know are purity and pride Stepping side by side Lonely desert days chill my bones But give me time to bide Break away, break away A soul inside the center of a sinful earth For what it's worth You had a dream in which someone knew your name You woke up walking on air Break away, break away Call back the ancient Aprils of our prime Memories like trees not yet besieged by time When you dream, know that someone remembers your name and wake up walking on air, walking on air, and break away
You're a park bench Suffer the winter and wait for the end To the tired and weary you offer a friend Though rained on and sat on and spat on again, still you stand My friend, after years abusive and long No matter how stable or sturdy or strong Your brothers and neighbors will crackle and split like a smile You're not the person you used to be If you don't listen then you won't see While now you are stronger, a few years ago you were free You were free One day, when the snow fills your memory's bite Hop out of the doorway and into the white And play in the steps your father left behind You're not the person you used to be If you don't listen then you won't see While now you are stronger, a few years ago you were free You're not the person you used to be If you don't listen then you won't see While now you are stronger, a few years ago you were free You were free


This is my second annual collection of home demos, all of which were recorded in the winter and spring of 2013.


released May 11, 2013

Joe Holt - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, MIDI instruments, compositions and arrangements


all rights reserved



Joe Holt New York, New York

Joe is a folk singer/songwriter from England, described by Indie Minded as "a gifted young talent who is sure to leave his mark on the folk music scene." His music has been featured twice on NPR. He lives in New York City.

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