Empty EP

by Joe Holt

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released March 25, 2014

All songs written by Joe Holt
All songs recorded and engineered by Gabe Herman
All songs mastered by Jim Chapdelaine

Produced by Joe Holt and MiGL Productions

Joe Holt - vocals, guitar

Joe - vocals, guitar

Joe - vocals, guitar, choral and string arrangements
Kate O'Brien - violin 1
Heather Yanovitch - violin 2
Alison Holt - viola
Christine Coyle - cello

Joe - vocals, guitar

Joe - vocals, guitar

Joe - vocals, guitar

Thank you to everyone who helped me fund this album, including the incredibly generous men and women who came to my fundraiser concert on 12/28/13 at the Mystic Indie Theater, Mystic, CT.
Thank you to my family and friends, especially those of you who attended the EP release show in Allston, MA on 3/29/14.
Thank you to Tony Nunes, Dan Hall, Brian Cheney, and Dad for all your support and help during recording and after the release.
Thank you for listening!



all rights reserved


Joe Holt Boston, Massachusetts

Joe is a folk singer/songwriter from England, described by Indie Minded as "a gifted young talent who is sure to leave his mark on the folk music scene." He lives in New York City.

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Track Name: For a Dream
Well I've been wearing self-loathing like something I bought from a thrift store
It was cheap and it's comfy so I find myself lending it out more and more
Yeah I lay it on thick so it's warm as the sand on the seashore
Wear it a while, babe, I promise you'll end up with matching decor

But I've owned it so long it's patchy and starting to fray at the seams
And though it represents me more than any man I've ever been,
I would sell it for a dream

I know I'm coming on strong, but darling, I've never been so lonely
And the smile in your eyes brings up stories from happier times
And since the evidence is pointing to nothing above or below me
I don't want to let someone like you just pass me by

But I'm compulsively shy - to the point where I'm constantly swallowing screams
And I'm aware that you're looking for somebody I'll never be
But I'll forget it for this dream

Wash me up until I'm thin
Ring me out and breathe me in
I am yours

So I took my guitar and my notebook and asked them politely to breed
And I placed in my pocket the love they said I need
And I sold it for a dream
Track Name: Early Grave
Well on the mosaic of faces on a train rushing by
I thought I caught a little glimpse of your smile
So I ran beside to look for you, like a river running dry
For an unsuccessful quarter of a mile

Well if loneliness leads me to an early grave
At least I'll leave behind the promises I made
Oh baby catch me in the cradle while I'm yours to save
When I can run, I'll be running to an early grave

Oh standing on this hill I hear church bells chime
This bed of mould on which I'm stepping must be somebody's grave
Makes me shudder when I think I might be wasting time
Between the darkness in the bookends of my days

Well if loneliness leads me to an early grave
At least I'll leave behind the promises I made
Oh baby catch me in the cradle while I'm yours to save
When I can run, I'll be running to an early grave

Sometimes I wake up surrounded by the smell of you
And it's strong enough to lead me forward blindly
I can carry on like kerosene, I'm burning oil
On a fuse lit by your memory behind me

Well if loneliness leads me to an early grave
At least I'll leave behind the promises I made
Oh baby catch me in the cradle while I'm yours to save
When I can run, I'll be running to an early grave
Track Name: Night
Inside the darkest depths of you, dear
Lurking limelight truths appeared
I brushed off my ignorance,
Stepped in and searched for a guiding light
Between the starving sinewy slivers of night

Down in your cave I caught a fever
When I came to, my wrists were tied to your love
So I struck the ground til my hands were unbound
But my heart's wound tight
A noose of the saddest sinewy slivers of night

Conquered by yesterday,
I cannot follow the faintest light
Or swallow the smallest sinewy slivers of night
Track Name: Empty
There's a girl I used to know
Who promised all my troubles wouldn't hurt me
All she wanted was my happiness
And as long as I was truthful, she'd never desert me

I have a number with her name jotted down
But couldn't tell you if you begged me
All that's left of her is scattered through my mind
Mismatched images and sentences she said

She said, "open up to me
If you let me in I'll try and help you"
So she cracked me open and looked inside
But I am empty

A few years later, I was slipping
And as I fell, arms wrapped around me
She raised me up and held me close
It seemed my saviour had finally found me

She said, "close your eyes
and let me fill whatever's missing"
Well darling, look at me and tell me why
I am empty

I looked in a mirror but saw nothing inside
I guess I've always been a frame
Everything I've outlined has run away or died
When I cried out for company, only emptiness came

I met a girl last night
We spoke in whispers til the bar closed
As we were leaving she asked my name
Pleased to meet you, I am empty
Track Name: So Far Gone
I remember the morning you first looked at me
With springtime sunshine in your smile
But the closer we became, the more I sapped it away,
Eating up your image like a hungry child

Oh but how can you ask me to do this on my own
When before you all I ever did was fail?
How can you ask me to leave you alone
Like a ship leaving port without a sail?

I'm so far gone
But I'm holding on

In my mind you were begging me on bended knee,
"Darling, stay by my side"
So I did as you requested and walked close behind
But you grew more distant with every stride

Oh how can you expect me to forget who you are
When so much of you inspired parts of me?
How can you ask me to crawl away and hide
While you figure out who you want to be?

I'm so far gone
But I'm holding on

Oh how can you ask me to close my eyes to you,
and leave behind the sunlight for the shade?
How can you ask me to run away
When without you I am naked and afraid?

I'm so far gone
But I'm holding on
Track Name: Chasing Arcadia
Well in my rush to reach adulthood, I forgot to have a youth
And in the haze of lazy summer days I let euphoria overwhelm the truth
Falling through the years
Impossible to steer
Time has never loomed so near
I'm chasing Arcadia

In the murkiness of memory I saw a shadow lurk
Holding out an envelope with every duty I have ever shirked
He reached out and took my hand
Carried me to land
Smiling, he buried me in sand
I'm chasing Arcadia

Are we all waiting for better tasting meals?
Can we look forward to picnics in Elysian fields?
Or is this the opening act
To empty promises
And broken, superficial deals?
We're chasing Arcadia