Something Louder EP

by Joe Holt

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I'm counting down til the clock stops turning round that awful sound Nothing helps me when the walls are caving in not beer, not gin When I look to the future, I don't know where I'm gonna be or what job I'll belong to - what kind of fool would employ me? Will I combine socks and sandals, make dumb jokes, drive my kids insane or just dress in pajamas and talk to myself on a crowded train If it all goes my way, I'll be yours forever My five year plan is to make it through the five Then another five, then another five, then one day I'll die My childhood dreams and professional aspirations are bullshit at least I know it I could call myself Jason and get a job in a new city I could learn Kama Sutra or dress in robes and practice chastity (itty bitty titty) I could live on an island, eat raw snakes, grow an awesome beard or get better at parties and make new friends like I've always feared I could write a new album which blows right up and makes me some dough Would I have made it already if my stage name wasn't Joe? I could give up on music and get a job building people homes I could write the right song, the helping hand when you're all alone I could learn what this life's for, why I'm this specific set of bones To be perfectly honest, there's only one thing I really know: that if it all goes my way, I'll be yours forever.
Flooding in Asia displaced forty million Hurricane Harvey, so far, has cost seventy billion Fires from Canada to Colorado but we're safe in our city with cold brew and toast with avocado Oh yesterday's only a dream Oh everything's fine as it is, at least for you and me Oh nothing's as bad as it seems Another mass shooting and we're making history Five hundred a year, there must be an answer to this mystery Oh yesterday's only a dream Oh everything's fine as it is, let's not be extreme Oh nothing's as bad as it seems Oh yesterday's only a dream Oh everything's fine as it is, and has always been Oh nothing's as bad as it seems No, it's exactly as bad as it seems
I said it now ooh I said it now I felt that sentence leave my mouth Don't know why I said it or even how But the room went dark The walls shook from the rolling thunder I said it now ooh I said it now I didn't even say it loud Not like I stood up tall and said it proud But I closed my eyes and took a breath before the storm arriving I said it now ooh I said it now Forgive me
I never had a reason to complain I had a job and an apartment and my days were all the same I worked, slept, never wept, tried my best to build myself a name You can go about your duties with a smile upon your face You can quietly and humbly complete each task with grace You can swallow every shudder when you feel someone's embrace but love will always win I never met a woman quite like you I gathered all my strength but didn't know what I should do I felt each chamber of my heart prepare to make some room You can ignore it when it calls you and pretend you're never home You can say that you are happy and prefer to be alone You can never tell a soul that you feel empty in your bones but love will always win I've said enough to love and broke it at the seams I threw it in the closet and I told it not to scream I ignored the cries at night like they were something in a dream You can drag it through the market with a rope around its shins You can hang it from an oak tree with a noose under its chin You can starve it in the darkness til it's blind, pale and thin but love will always win
I travel this road on my own Don't tell my fans my dad pays for my phone I'm all alone With no support from my family or friends and no expensive school to attend Just my guitar and my pen No I won't give up, I won't give in I'll thank myself when I win and share with no one I got no fancy haircut and my life isn't fair, but I'll make my way and be famous one day I can sing more cliches if you want Just buy me lunch at a nice restaurant I'm too cool and poor I don't play a part in this capitalist regime You'll find no cash in my secondhand jeans I only barter I sing right from the heart If you quote the Bible it's art Proverbs 21:19 I'm an underdog story and if you try to ignore me I'll make my way and be famous one day Be famous, be famous I'll sing this an octave down just for a change Show off my vocal range I had no lessons The critics all love me so does Jesus above me so I'll make my way and be famous one day
Hello there friend It's good to see you again How have you been? Do you have an agent, are you on the scene? Mm what are you up to now? What's your hustle on the side? I heard from someone you were working in a hospital As for me, I'm still doing the music thing If I don't have my favourite job then maybe I won't work at all What's the point of doing what the world just wants you to? What's the point of helping others if you're vaguely unfulfilled? Why do we waste our lives away in offices? Does this cubicle with four white walls and wifi make you thrilled? I don't know if I'm selfish or self-aware I don't know if I am welcome or unwelcome anywhere I don't know if what I want is what I'll get I don't know if every song I write is worth it in the end Tell me again when you made the choice to put your bass away Since then How do you feel when you face the day? Mm you know I'm an artist now I say it every day Leave my guitar inside its case and say it anyway Me and my artist friends follow the latest trends strange mix of superfoods but cigarettes on the weekends All I've ever wanted was to pay back the debt I owe to music when it saved me from those adolescent struggles long ago We need a song about how being in love is just the best that makes a teenager feel tightness in his skinny little chest I believe in something louder than us all Don't wanna live inside my shell of self-obsession anymore I believe in trying as hard as you can I just don't know if I can Have we gone insane? Who's to blame? Don't let it be me


This is my fifth studio release. Thank you: The Barnett Family, A-Hole, Ben Cren, Brian, my family, my friends, the Lions, Tom, and Kaela

Produced by Austin Blair Campbell and Ben Barnett
Recorded at The Hang Studios, Fort Worth, TX
Mixed and mastered by Ben Barnett "The Turd Polisher"
Additional recording by Connor Gehlert at Mickey Splatt Studios in Nashville, TN

All songs written by Joe Holt
All songs arranged by Joe, Austin, Ben, and Caleb

The Sixcounts are: Joe, Austin, and Caleb
Backing vocals are written for four parts, each one recorded twice by the Sixcounts
We copied Queen. Wouldn't you?


"Loooool this record is NOT a turd" - Ben Barnett, The Turd Polisher


released March 13, 2018


Joe Holt - vocals and acoustic guitars
Austin Blair Campbell - backing vocals
Brian Rockwell - electric bass
Ben Barnett - piano
Caleb Barnett - backing vocals, drums, percussion, pizza box


Joe - vocals, acoustic guitars, shaker
Austin - backing vocals
Matt Byron - upright bass
Ben - electric guitars, yum yums
Caleb - backing vocals, drums, percussion


Joe - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars
Austin - backing vocals
Ben - electric guitars, electric bass
Caleb - backing vocals, drums, percussion


Joe - vocals, acoustic guitar, whistling
Austin - backing vocals
Matt - upright bass
Caleb - backing vocals, drums, percussion


Joe - vocals, acoustic guitars
Austin - backing vocals
Matt - upright bass
Ben - piano
Caleb - backing vocals, drums, percussion


Joe - vocals, acoustic guitars
Austin - backing vocals
Brian - electric bass
Ben - electric guitars, piano
Caleb - backing vocals, drums, percussion


all rights reserved



Joe Holt New York, New York

Joe is a folk singer/songwriter from England, described by Indie Minded as "a gifted young talent who is sure to leave his mark on the folk music scene." His music has been featured twice on NPR. He lives in New York City.

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